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Shared March 29, 2019

The Hermit appears on HERE004 - Lightbath + Emily A. Sprague - full/new
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Many thanks to Commend + RVNG for making this album available for digital download and streaming.

Here's what Commend has to say about the release:

"full/new" is an expression of mutual planetary motion. Drawing a school of listeners to the floor of Commend’s relatively small interior on a late July Sunday afternoon in 2018, Emily A. Sprague and Lightbath (aka Bryan Noll) provided an hour of aqueous reflections that whispered with the trees outside on Forsyth street and tempered the activity of the surrounding island.

Frequent collaborators, Sprague and Noll have been traveling some years on the same light ship through music, friendship, darkness, and spiritual joy, sailing not only the same creative waters of improvised ambient music but also of deeper life events, providing support and connection. "full/new" represents the cosmic encounter of these two amongst friends, their complementary sets in healing ceremony, celebration and reunion.

Mastered by Andrew Osterhoudt, "full/new" was originally presented as a limited run of cassettes in hand-numbered cases as part of the Commend Here series, which captures the magical moments of select Commend events. Lightbath's performance, "full," plus the preliminary piece, "The Hermit," filled the A side, while Emily's "new" followed on the B. While the physical cassettes are now sold out, the album is still available in digital format for enjoyment in the ether.


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The Hermit
July 16, 2018

Live performance multitracked to Zoom F8 and mixed in Logic with additional processing and effects.

This piece was recorded as I was preparing for the Commend Here event on July 22, 2018 with Emily A. Sprague. I had found a way of using Marbles to clock Pam’s, which clocks the rest of the case and creates this cascading rhythm as the slightly changing pulse spreads out to the sequencers and delays. Since this technique became part of my approach for the Commend show, it seemed fitting to include it on the cassette. Also, its inclusion made my side of the cassette the EXACT same length as Emily's side, which is pretty cool.

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