Forum Privatheit 2018: Shoshana Zuboff keynote speech on surveillance capitalism

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Forum Privatheit

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Geteilt November 25, 2018

German: Forum Privatheit Interdisziplinäre Konferenz "Die Zukunft der Datenökonomie" am 11. und 12. Oktober 2018 in der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften (München).

English: Forum Privatheit Interdisciplinary Conference "The Future of Data Economics" on 11 and 12 October 2018 at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences (Munich).

Video by Holland Haverkamp - Photography and Videography

Renato Alcides

Each word precisely chosen, mark of a genius mind.

vor 6 Monate | [YT] | 7

Shoo Rayner

isn't it an irony that by sharing this video I'm clouding with the problem!

vor 6 Monate | [YT] | 4


Astonishing coherent description of what we are living through

vor 7 Monate | [YT] | 4

Renato Alcides

9:40 "You are not the product, you are the abandoned carcass. The product derives from the surplus that is ripped from your life." !!! She is not a poet, her description is far more precise than many of us will ever be prepared to admit. A visionaire with no illusions of what surrounds us and what lays ahead.

vor 6 Monate | [YT] | 2

Michael Lyons

Shoshana Zuboff deserves a Nobel prize.

vor 1 Monate | [YT] | 0

nat irvin

One of the greatest minds of this time...brilliant

vor 5 Monate | [YT] | 0

Kate Hillier

Whateever else one is interested in this issue of surveillance capitalism is too important to ignore.

vor 8 Monate | [YT] | 1

Kate Hillier

Beautifully put. The World and its mother needs to wake up.

vor 8 Monate | [YT] | 0


Get her as a speaker for DEFCON

vor 6 Monate | [YT] | 1

Arno D.

Brilliant !

vor 5 Monate | [YT] | 0

Kate Hillier

You tube no longer plays user curated playlists rather it insists on its AI inserting its own content instead.

vor 8 Monate | [YT] | 0

Kate Hillier

Corporate takeover of the internet. Facebook and google, Amazon are providing wankfests in terms of manipulating human behaviour and dteriming what we see via those horrible recommendation engines.

vor 8 Monate | [YT] | 1


30 dollars of book. Give us the books free.

vor 7 Monate | [YT] | 1