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Genre: Music

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Oscillator Sink

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Shared October 3, 2019

Details on the patch pack can be found on Korg's website:

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The TwoPointOhOne Patch Pack brings together a collection of patches inspired by, and taking advantage of, 2.0.1 update for the Korg Minilogue.

Every patch takes advantage of the new “Slider Range” feature which makes the Minilogue’s mod lever far more flexible when it comes to controlling a whole wealth of the Minilogue’s parameters. The range of the mod lever has been tweaked in each case to make for a fun performance element that maintains usability across the whole range. Each patch has also been treated to a dose of microtuning - in some cases to sweeten, in others to enhance the wonkiness of the patch and then there are those treated to some of the more… “esoteric” tunings to help you find melodies that you never knew existed!