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Shared August 24, 2018

We are incredibly appreciative to everyone who has played our game, joined the Discord, and generally flooded us with feedback. Your support means a lot to us. Your feedback has been critical to improving the game, so please keep making your voices heard. We are listening. Below are the patch notes in text.

- Fixed a shield animation issue in the Obsidian Vale where players using a controller would not animate correctly.
- Fixed a bug where the Energy Shield would lower player stats.
- Fixed a bug where the Void Plume would lower player stats.
- Forgotten Gaian Heroic no longer gives a talent point every time you kill him.
- Parrying the arrow of an archer that has been killed no longer crashes the game.
- Fixed a crash caused by creating 10 rotating orbs with the fire and lightning tome spell.
- Fixed a crash related to the Sigur ritual.
- Fixed a bug where Flaming Guillotine was not working on slot 2 and 3 on controllers.
- Fixed an issue where blood knight would not heal correctly at high health levels.
- Abyssal eyes now control correctly with custom keybinds.
- Mimic feathers can no longer drop from the Soul of the Phoenix heroic fight.
- You are no longer blocked from going left into the church after beating Origa.
- Heroic Bysurge now correctly drops 3 immortalite when killed the first time.
- Horse no longer faces left when first entering certain areas of the Aldwynn sewers.
- Heroic Forgotten Gaian items are picked up instantly upon its death. Talent point is also awarded immediately, even if you die.
- Music during the Eldritch Council cutscene no longer continues playing over other tracks.
- Amulvaro’s Observatory Golem now scales XP correctly in NG+.
- Dying at the same time as Endless no longer skips her final cutscene.
- You can no longer repeatedly kick down the ladder in Amulvaro’s Observatory .
- Fixed a bug where Zuma would disappear and drop light greaves.
- Fixed a bug where Dark Knight would stop animating if he was over-healed.
- Blocking after an airdash no longer grants invincibility until you stopped blocking.
- Bulwark no longer attempts to dodge your parry.
- Phoenix in the tutorial only drops immortalite the first time you kill it.
- Blindfold item now works properly when upgraded.
- Level up UI text no longer appears over the inventory when inventory is open.
- Fixed a bug where enemies would respawn when re-entering a room if they were killed by an exploding arrow or some traps.
- Can no longer lose items dropped by Bysurge Heroic if he dies in the middle of his platform. You now pick up the items automatically.
- Moss Knight in Gaian’s Cradle can no longer get you stuck inside a wall.
- Game will no longer run at a higher framerate in certain Garde Tum areas if you have a monitor with a high refresh rate.
- Improved overall performance and game loading time.
- Mimic feathers now correctly play a sound effect for being created.
- Caer Siorai Giant now plays sound effects correctly.
- Blink dagger now plays the correct sound effect.
- Equipping items using gamepad no longer sounds really loud.
- Fire effects in the intro room are now muted properly when sound is disabled.
- Achievement for Endless Elegy now triggers properly.
- Achievement for The Perfect Run now triggers properly.
- Achievement for When the Stars Align now triggers properly.

- Haste now affects the time it takes for your stamina to start regenerating.
- Attempting to use an ability while in a knocked back state will no longer put the ability on cooldown.
- Attempting to use an ability after getting hit during the start of an attack no longer causes the ability animation to stop.
- Spikes in Obsidian Vale cannot combo you anymore.
- Shade Knights in NG+ can now die to the spike traps in Obsidian Vale.
- Amarog Shamans no longer block your attacks if you hit them from behind.
- Normal mode Forgotten Gaian now deals slightly less damage.
- Your horse can now kill Golden Drake Knights.
- You can now re-obtain the 11th feather by getting all the gaian relics. Enjoy the extra 10% damage. :)

- Can now change languages in the in-game options screen.
(We are still working on getting the options added to the main menu)
- Can now enable “reduced screenshake” in the options menu.
- Can now disable “stamina low” UI in the options menu.
- Can now enable player health value displaying on the hp bar from options menu.
- Can now enable player stamina value displaying on the stamina bar from options menu.
- No longer have to re-do the red button puzzle to ride the Garde Tum elevator.
- Main menu music volume adjusted to be balanced with in-game sound.