NEW Erica Synths PICO System III // Modular Day Barcelona #6

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Shared September 11, 2019

At Modular Day Barcelona #06 I was pleasantly surprised to see a brand new PICO system from Erica Synths. This is the PICO System III (3) and is a new modular system that comes as a Eurorack module or fully enclosed instrument with built in power supply.

This system is largely reduced in cost by producing the full system on a single PCB and using a single enclosure while retaining the system circuits and quality we're used to from the PICO modules from Erica Synths. It also has a novel patch storage system based on PCB patch cards. This routes all the normalised connection points onto a card sized circuit board allowing you to use wire to solder up your own DIY synth voices and saved patches or you can use one of the 5 included cards for some patch ideas too. This is of course still entirely and fully patchable with normal cables, and it comes with 25 stacking cables too.

A nice trick Girts explains in the video is to turn all the knobs up fully on the device fully and use resistors rather than wire to also store preset resistance on the cards to save knob positions as well as connections.

I was told this will be releasing around the 20th of September with lots of audio examples directly from Erica Synths so expect a release and more before the end of the month.

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