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Shared November 16, 2017

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Local Nature Spirits Earth Mandala 005
October 31, 2017
Arcosanti, AZ

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I had the fortune of visiting Arcosanti for a few days and meeting some wonderful souls while learning about architect Paolo Soleri's vision of the city as an organism for the transformation of the individual and evolution of the species. It's an inspiring place, and while there, I took the opportunity to create this mandala piece as well as a modular piece shot on top of the Vaults just after this piece, at sunset.


Arcosanti has a ceramics studio and a bronze foundry, both of which produce windchime-style bells of all sizes as a for-profit business to support the development of Arcosanti's urban laboratory.

To create this piece, I broke pieces of cracked ceramic bells and arranged them around a central unfinished small bronze bell. The central bell is surrounded by bronze swarf and spill from the foundry. Atop the layer of bronze are placed eight olive leaves and pits found on the ground under nearby trees.

I had visited Arcosanti during olive picking season, so these leaves and pits covered much of the ground near the small boulder used as a base for the mandala.

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