Joranalogue Contour 1 - Slew Limiter & Function Generator // The BACKBONE of a Modular Synth

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Shared August 11, 2019

*TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW* Here we have a real powerhouse and backbone of a modular system. The Joranalogue Contour 1 is a Slew Limiter & Function Generator which can be an envelope generator, LFO, oscillator, audio processor, filter, PWM generator, subharmonic divider, gate delay, slew/lag/glide and plenty more. This video is aimed to be an in-depth educational look at functions and features that really play into the core of a modular system. Skip around the video with the timing index below and try applying these examples to your own modules too. I hope this serves as an education reference for those features as well as clearly demonstrates the Contour 1 Eurorack module. Leave a comment and if you get something from these videos consider supporting on

THUMBNAIL "We all need this" - we absolutely do all need these functions in a system, function generators and slew limiters are really the backbone of a modular system. Think Serge DUSG and all the variants that have followed, these modules can do SO much it's nuts!

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00:00 My fugly mug

00:15 Video previews

01:41 Contour 1 features - what is a slew limiter / function generator? What can it do etc.


03:11 Envelope Generator - gated and triggered behaviour, plus merging triggers, gates and LFOs to create dynamic modulation.


06:41 Slew Limiting + freezing voltages with the hold input - slew, lag, glide + more


08:26 LFOs - LFO shapes and curves, gated on/off + triggering resets

11:09 Complex shapes with modulated LFOs - using modulation to create fluctuating random style complex CV shapes.


11:54 Envelope following and deriving gates from audio - using a drum beat to create a dynamic CV shape and using audio as an input to derive in time gate signals from the rise/fall outputs.


14:14 Low pass filter - using the module as a filter to smooth out audio and using the bend to reshape curves in the audio

15:53 Low pass filter - BONUS 1 - using the rise and fall outs for stereo PWM FX, creating buzzy bright textures to mix with the filtered audio

16:42 Low pass filter - BONUS 2 - using another oscillator for audio rate hold or gating on top of the filtering for sync like overtones


17:30 Oscillator behaviour - quick arpeggio exploration with Contour 1 as an oscillator

17:59 Pitch dependent vibrato - adding vibrato and harmonic shifts to Contour 1 as an oscillator

19:28 How to improved saw wave oscillator behaviour


20:18 Gate delays - create delayed gates for custom grooves and flams


21:58 Dynamic envelopes - merging envelope generation and slew processing for more dynamic voltages.


24:36 Creating kick drums right out of Contour 1

25:52 Definitely NOT a snare drum

26:48 Weird custom percussion sounds


27:35 Creating downsampler like alias FX - audio rate hold modulation.

28:49 Stereo PWM BEAST!!! - plus bonus audio rate overtones.

30:35 Subharmonic generator/divider - classic Serge style patching to create subharmonic undertones.

33:32 Combined AM/FM - a great patch from manual showing how using Contour 1 as an oscillator then adding an oscillator to the input creates a mixed amplitude and frequency modulated behaviour … it’s very musical.

**THANK YOU to Joranalogue for sponsoring this video. By sponsoring the video they are funding the creation of a demo/overview video. THIS IS NOT A REVIEW, nor did the sponsor have any control over the content**

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